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Golden retriever

The original name is Russia tracking dog, then join FoLe find prey dog species, XunXie spaniel, water hunting snipe breed gene.

Alan many mastiff

Energetic, endurance, good sense of smell, and be good at swimming and diving, friendly happy, also can become lovely companion dog.

Pet show
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For more and more people keep pet, it is not a strange name. At * * the pet food market leading brand list, in addition to the international big royal, crown can... Then go to the number of the top brand, a certain high achievers. And its, * * and other brand has also become a pet gens eyes quality * * brand of the pronoun. What makes be * * brand of outstanding person, greatly small brands like follow suit like sales in according to the dog with international brand and

"Let the world pets get human caring about" is XX constant enterprise vision. Love of life, bring the pet needs new discovery and product development of the unique Angle of view, is XX pursuit of consumers to maximize the value of the source of power. This is the secret of lead in XX at every step. Because the international brand influence, currently on the market the pet food